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Residential Hardscaping

Many homeowners are familiar with landscaping and associate the term with a well groomed lawn and a pickup truck full of men with great tans and dirt under their fingernails…they work for a living!

Commercial Hardscaping

Hardscape design and hardscaping is a subcategory of landscaping that refers to the usage of inanimate objects in landscape design.


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Landscaping is synonymous with cut grass, weedless flower beds, and pickup trucks parked out front once a week.

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Interestingly, landscaping and landscape design has taken on a whole new face.


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With the integration of hardscape design and hardscaping, as well as water feature design and creation, a full-service landscaping firm is about so much more than cut grass and weedless flower beds!


If you want to make the most out of your landscape garden, make sure that the hardscape design job is complete too, so that your garden will not look like much of a forest.

Residential Hardscaping

Hardscaping is under the category of landscaping and this is the aspect where non-living features and elements are incorporated in your home’s landscape. This usually consists of structures such as walkways, gazebos, fences, walls and fountains, as well as other landscaping elements that will add aesthetic value to your lawn. This gives you more options to choose from as well as the ability to add features to your garden, without the necessary maintenance that most traditional gardens need.

Commercial Hardscaping

There are many benefits of adding hardscaping design in your garden and this includes adding aesthetic value to your home, which will make it easier for you to sell it in the future. That is, if you do have plans of putting your home in the market. Since hardscaping designs use non-living things, you no longer need to deal with the same maintenance needed for traditional gardens. This makes it perfect for homeowners who do not have the time to maintain and take care of their garden, and for also those who live in areas where climate does not permit and encourage the growth of most plants.

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Hardscaping is the term used for describing non-living things in the garden. This often includes paving, walkways, patios, and even benches, birdbaths and sculptures. By incorporating hardscape design in your lawn, you will add not only aesthetical value to your home, but monetary value as well.

Some tips worth remembering

Tip #1

There are many factors to take into consideration when designing your garden. If you have plans of incorporating hardscaping elements to complete its look, you need to remember that these should be chosen carefully, especially if you have plans of changing the layout of your garden in the future.

Tip #2

When choosing hardscaping elements, make sure that they are in balance and that the curves and shapes of everything that you add in your garden flow smoothly and have a continuous transition from one of the elements to another. As much as possible, avoid using linear elements since it would make your garden look artificial and man-made.

Tip #3

Another important factor that you have to consider for your hardscape design is how they will suit the greenery that you plan to have in your garden. Although hardscaping is suggested in areas that are dry and have climates that do not promote the growth of many plants, you may still want to consider including a little garden so that you will still get in touch with nature.

Tip #4

If you want to get the most out of your garden, get professional help since they know what’s best for your garden. Besides, hiring professional contractors will also avoid the need to deal with damage in the future.

Types of Hardscaping We Provide



Paver Patios
Stone Patios
Pervious Paver Patios
Flagstone Patios



Paver Walkways
Stone Walkways
Pervious Paver Walkways
Flagstone Walkways
Masonry Walkways

Stone masonry


Facing of Concrete Surfaces

Retaining Walls


Stacked Stone Retaining Walls
Segmented Block Retaining Walls
Masonry Retaining Walls
Timber Retaining Walls
Living Walls

About Us

Bringing your outdoor landscape to life is an exciting home improvement project. From irrigation to lighting and patios to flower bushes, there are a number of different ways to treat your lawn. Most home or business owners take interest primary in landscape services, but there is an entirely new world of outdoor décor available when you start digging in to the hardscape aspect of landscape design. While landscaping deals more with the aesthetics of a lawn, hardscapes relate to comfort and have the ability to create new living spaces outdoors.


“Thanks so much for the backyard you have given us! I look forward to working with you with our ongoing maintenance”

Tom and Lisa

“Thanks so much for the backyard you have given us! I look forward to working with you with our ongoing maintenance”

Tom and Lisa

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